Practice BEFORE the Crisis

Most people wait until they are in a crisis before seeking tools to cope with it.   Our workshops have several tools that are designed to improve the way you cope with pressure and crisis.   The key to handling challenges swiftly is to learn and practice these tools before the crisis.  Image Wealth workshops are not your typical training programs. 

Our System for Success 

The Image Wellness System for Success is a 16-hour program.  However, it can be taught as a series of multiple 2, 4, or 8-hour workshops.  Each workshop is also a stand alone program.  This system is specifically designed to benefit individuals and/or organizations.   



Performing Under Pressure


When people are under pressure, unprepared, or uninformed, they are less productive.  In this ground-breaking workshop, participants learn to use EI techniques to reduce stress, remain engaged, optimize their talents, and communicate more effectively during challenging situations. These techniques combined with practice and a clear vision of one's desired outcome is sure to improve personal production and team spirit.

Get out from under the pressure
Get on Top of Your Game


The Power of Presence



It takes power to create results.  In this workshop, participants define power and experience it, both physically and mentally.  They learn how Emotional Intelligence can influence one's personal brand and how that can impact productivity.  Learn the power of diversity and how to develop a skill set that can be used to build authentic and inclusive relationships.  

When it comes to creating success . . .Image is Power



Increase Your Sales Capacity


Success in sales requires more than just the ability to sell; It's having strong relationships with others who support you in the sales role, a solid brand associated with the company and its products, and a positive customer experience on multiple levels.  In this interactive and revealing workshop, participants learn how to increase sales capacity by using EI and "response - ability" in various roles that influence their overall success. Learn to use a win/win vs. win/lose mentality to increase your sales and your profits. 

If you're going to play...
Play to Win/Win

Priceless Communication


It doesn't cost anything to "talk it out" unless you are an ineffective communicator.  Inadequate communication skills and the inability to manage one's moods with un-likeminded individuals can cost valuable relationships and negatively impact productivity and team spirit.  This workshop is about using EI to create an inclusive and non-judgmental environment in which to listen, hear, feel, and respond versus react;  because talk IS cheap.

If at first you don't succeed. . .
Communicate and try again
  • Get what you want in life because you deserve it

  • Master Presence, Persistence, Mood Management and Power  

  • Learn a process for developing and projecting an authentic    "internal" image

  • Move forward in life even during tough times


Image is fragile but when used properly, Image is Power!