As humans, we are all the same.  However, how we apply Emotional Intelligence in any given situation can differentiate us from one another; and that can affect our image.

Mic Alexander

Ohh what a journey...

From 1990 – 2007, Mic built The Overflow Corporation, lifting if from a $25,000 deficit to a multi-million dollar commercial printing firm.  In 2007/08, the financial crisis swept the US like a tidal wave and the printing industry shifted in turbulent waters.  Profit margins decreased significantly due largely to global competition via the internet and the birth of large format digital printing. She saw the wave swelling but was caught in the undercurrent.  With only her assets as her life preserver; she witnessed several of her smaller clients drown in the economic downturn.  The crushing blow was losing her largest client in a bidding war.  Blessed to reach the shore but very disoriented; Mic was forced to liquidate Overflow Corporation’s remaining assets.  Not only did she lose the company, she lost her identity.  She was no longer the “CEO, Entrepreneur of the Year, or a business partner.  The business landscape had changed and so had her image.  She experienced an image crisis.  In the aftermath she realized that she didn’t spend 17 years “building” a business, she spent them “becoming” a business and therefore she didn’t know who she was without it.  What was next?



She found solace in an advanced coaching technique called “processing”.  After hours of being processed, she became certified in basic processing techniques; she traveled to Europe and re-evaluated her skills, talents and passions. She began studying resiliency, journaling, and self-processing which led her to a new image awareness.   She returned to the US emerging with the concept of Image Wealth Management and its Image Wellness SYSTEM for Success designed to help others “bounce back” from their challenges.


Her journey continued with her first published book, Image is Power, unaware at the time that it would later become an important tool for her next set of challenges.  In 2011, she battled cancer…she won!  In 2014, she broke her back; made a full recovery and was called “A walking miracle” by her surgeon.  She credits her triumphs to her connection to a higher power, the Emotional Intelligence certification she achieved in late 2014, and her dedication to the practice of the Image Wellness System for Success principles.


Having mastered business start-up and development, image improvement, and “Bounce Backology” Ms. Alexander enjoys working with professionals as well as caregivers, teens and college students.  She finds great pleasure in coaching "fresh start" entrepreneurs and teaching them the techniques that made her a success.  As her entrepreneurial clients grow, she encourages them to teach these techniques to their partners, employees, families, and friends which will aid them in creating a supportive environment that drives winning results.


Mic's Story

Ohh what a book...

Getting what you want in life requires Presence, Persistence, Mood Management and Power!   This book systematically walks you through the process of developing personal power, projecting an authentic positive "internal" image and using that image to move forward in life even during tough times.


Image is Power introduces you to a technique called "processing" which uses various exercises that are designed to help you identify and categorize your moods in the Red, Yellow or Green Zones and then manage them effectively in challenging situations.  Learn to use Emotional Intelligence to maintain a high mood level rather than be pulled down by the lower moods of others.  Whether you are already successful and want more success or you seem to keep missing the mark, Image is Power helps you put things in perspective, set attainable goals and move through the process of achieving success in a high mood level.  Step up to the next level and create the life you desire and deserve.  Image is fragile but when used properly, Image is Power!

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