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The Green Zone Community is hosted by Image Wealth Management, LLC on its website The virtual, members only platform is designed to be a common meeting place for members to learn, practice, and improve their Emotional Intelligence.


Together with the Image Wealth Host Team, members create a profile and a virtual “Green Zone Space” which is defined as a winning, friendly, engaging, confidential, non-judgmental, and respectful space to enhance Emotional Intelligence.


The Green Zone Community members create a virtual safe space to connect, express, listen, and share their experiences for the greater good of the community. The lessons they learn can be seamlessly included in their business practices. The tools can be easily transferred to their employees and customers.

In addition to the growing library of virtual, self-paced learning videos and articles on various people development topics, members can participate in ongoing group activities and challenges. 

They will also have access to the Image Wealth System for Success. 

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