Soar to New Heights with EI Coaching

Focus on goals, minimize stress, and increase productivity with Emotional Intelligence Coaching.   Whether you are already successful and want more success, or you seem to keep missing the mark; EI coaching will help you move forward under pressure.

If you are stuck, get unstuck or better yet, keep from getting stuck to begin with.  

Coaching Packages

Test Flight


30 min

In this special introductory offer - "Tell your story" uninterrupted, to your personal processor.  During the last 15 minutes of the session, you will be asked several questions designed to unlock your true feelings about "your story".  Use the feedback to stay in a high mood level as you move forward and create a new success story.  

When it comes to success . . .
Image is Power

Flying Solo

60 min

During this processing session, you will have an opportunity to focus on a specific issue.   Discover YOUR internal solution to overcoming your obstacle through a series of uniquely designed questions.  These questions will help unlock the answer that will continue moving you forward?  But don't waste your money if you can't be honest....with yourself. 

If at first you don't succeed. . .
Communicate and try again

Mind Your Business


Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and senior-level managers understand the constant pressure to perform, balance home/work life and do it all in a high mood level.  Sometimes you need a confidential conversation with another professional who can listen and give honest feedback without judgment.  It's even more powerful when that person is not a member of your own business community.  In this dual processing and coaching session, you will get the support you need to think through your challenges and keep being successful.

Get out from under the pressure . . .
Get on Top of Your Game

Parent Power

1 hour

This package is designed for parents on a mission to help their children have the best start possible in life.  Learn the mood zones that help manage stress.  Develop a new language that empowers others to do their best and watch how quickly your child embraces this new language that helps them express who they are and how they feel. You'll wish your parents had this!

If you're going to play . . .
Play to Win/Win