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ISEI Certified



A customizable training program for leaders and their teams.

The Story

Image Wealth was founded in 2008 by Mic Alexander, former CEO of The Overflow Corporation which was known for its diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives before (DEI) became popular!  Initially focused solely on branding for organizations, Image Wealth increased its focus to include personal branding and coaching services.  As our clients began to experience more success, they urged us to provide custom training services for their growing teams.  In 2014 we created the IMAGE WEALTH SYSTEM FOR SUCCESS TM.  Its customized modules make it a popular training solution for individuals and organizations wishing to improve and sustain success.



The Goal

We will continue training individuals and teams to have a "Green Zone Mindset". They will learn to use our practical tools professionally and personally, to improve their mental toughness and properly handle conflict, criticism, and change.   Our unique training will continue to make people better at what they do, even when they are under pressure. We will empower them to use their IMAGE to build greater WEALTH. 


The Name

Our clients recognize that professional and personal image affects organizational culture, production, and profits. Studies have proven that IMAGE, which includes Emotional Intelligence, plays a key role in determining how well you communicate with "un-likeminded"  individuals, embrace change, and perform under pressure.  These skills can improve your ability to succeed in reaching your goals and building WEALTH (an abundance of whatever you desire that does not cause harm to you or others); and we are the experts who can teach you how.


NC Hub Certified

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"Physically, as humans, we are generally the same.  However, how we apply Emotional Intelligence in any given situation can differentiate us from one another; and that can make all the difference when it comes to success."


President, Image Wealth

MIC ALEXANDER, is an experienced leader, speaker, business advisor, coach, and author.   She is the Founding President of Image Wealth Management.  She has a wealth of knowledge gained from her previous professional roles as Former CEO of The Overflow Corporation for 17 years, Business Advisor for the Carolina’s Small Business Development Fund, and the Lead Business Opportunity Specialist for the NC Department of Transportation.  Mic is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Trainer from the International Society for Emotional Intelligence.  Her passion is facilitating the development of entrepreneurial skills that translate into building firms that are economically viable, self-sufficient organizations, capable of competing and performing more competitively in the marketplace. Mic has facilitated leadership, DEI, & EI training to entrepreneurs and their teams, in the business, government, and education sectors. She has built a reputation for using her experiences as a successful CEO and a celebrated cancer survivor to present passionate, energized, and interactive speaking and training sessions. 

About Mic

About the book...

Getting what you want in life requires Presence, Persistence, Power and Emotional Intelligence!  This book systematically walks you through the process of developing personal power, projecting an authentic positive "internal" image and using that image to move forward in life even during tough times.

Step up to the next level and create the life you desire and deserve.

Image is fragile but when used properly,
Image is Power!

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