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Because Your Image is Your Greatest Asset

Emotional Intelligence Training and Coaching

of EI


EI Training

EI Coaching

EI Assessments

We are a
People Development Company

We make you better at what you do and present
the best version of yourself while doing it,
even when you are under pressure.

Our Mission

To help our clients improve their Emotional Intelligence and mental toughness so they can handle

conflict, criticism, and change

when it counts the most.   

EI Training = Lifetime Value

EI skills last a lifetime and convert to increased net worth.

Studies show that high EI earns $29K+ MORE Per Year!

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Get the Tools


Handling the emotions of others begins with handling your own.  Our mental tools help you understand and communicate intelligently about your emotions.   The tools are most effective in helping you keep a calm mind under pressure, especially when you are experiencing lower frequency emotions (i.e., frustration, anxiety, fear, sadness, etc.).


Learn our physical tools that will support you body and mind while you push through the challenges often associated with change and/or crises.  We call it “Strength Training”.


Unlike IQ, your EQ can be improved.  Our MSCEIT Assessment is a good indicator of one's overall emotional wellness.  People who can ask for and accept help have higher EQ.  Use this tool to help minimize emotional risks in yourself and/or your team.

Get the Results


Improve your relationship building and relationship management skills.

These skills are the foundation for success in business and in life.


People do business with [hire, date, marry, invest in] people they like and trust.  

Image Wealth has a systematic approach to Emotional Intelligence training.  Our "system" will improve you personal and professional IMAGE through deep self-awareness techniques and emotional management tools that help you cultivate better relationships.

Who Needs EI Training?

Anyone dealing with people.